Exchange 2013 Data Loss Prevention (Part 2)

By Nuno Mota,

Creating Custom DLP Policies

In the first part of this article we say how to create a DLP Policy based on Microsoft-provided templates. Another option is to create an empty policy, known as a Custom Policy.

In the Exchange Administration Center [EAC], navigate to Compliance Management\Data Loss Prevention. Click the arrow that is beside the + icon and select New custom policy.

On the New custom policy page, complete the following fields:

  • Name: chose a name for the new policy. Although you can use spaces in the name, you will not be able to add any rules to it if you do... so only use the following valid characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9;
  • Description: add an optional description that summarizes the policy;
  • Choose a state: select the mode for the policy - in this case we will be enforcing the policy.

Click Save to finish creating the new policy. The policy is then added to the list of all policies that we have configured, but because it has no rules associated with it, it will not do anything.

Double click the policy you just created or select it and click the + icon in order to edit the new policy. On the Edit DLP Policy page, click Rules.

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