Apps in Outlook Web App 2013

By Nuno Mota, [Published on 28 March 2013]

Nowadays everything seems to be about apps. They are on phones, tables, browsers and now in Outlook and Outlook Web Access [OWA]. By default, OWA comes with 3 apps installed: Bing Maps, Suggested Appointments and Action Items.

The purpose of these and other apps is to extend the information and functionality of messages and calendar items. By using the contents of the e-mail they attempt to anticipate the user needs and automatically propose actions the user might want to take.

Apps can be managed and made available to users in the organization by administrators using the Exchange Administration Center. If allowed, users can also manage their own apps and install new ones from the Office Store.

The great thing about Apps is that 3rd party developers can now easily create apps for Outlook/OWA and publish them at Companies can have their development teams designing apps to integrate with their own internal applications and making them available to OWA so users can use them wherever they are. While before OWA extensibility models relied on 3rd party code installed on Exchange servers (always a big risk), using the Outlook Apps platform simplifies everything. In addition to not requiring code on Exchange servers, this new model also overcomes the limitations and challenges around Office plug-ins, and because the same Outlook App code runs in both Outlook and OWA, the same app can often be deployed to

At the moment the choice of apps is still somewhat limited, but we are starting to see more and more as time goes by.

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